Nordic Giants & Gilmore Trail, Walkabout 19/10/2013

Last Saturday, we had the pleasure of watching two great bands that had arrived in Lincoln for an evening of inspiring music. Not knowing what to expect, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that the night would consist of instrumental bands with very different styles.

Instrumental post rock band, Gilmore Trail, get their name from a route recommended for best experiencing the northern lights in Alaska. Knowing this you expect their music to be emotive and full of imagery, and it is. With intricate guitar parts and explosive melody lines, their music is impressive to experience live. It is refreshing to watch a band hold an audience so well with just music alone. Combining mellow and intense ideas for songs, Gilmore Trail was a great support slot for Nordic giants later on that evening.

Nordic Giants 2

Anyone who did not get to see the Nordic Giants play really did miss out. Combining cinema with instrumental post rock made for a really unique experience. Each performance consisted of a short film whilst two feathered masked creatures played atmospheric music as the soundtrack. Some of the films were animated and others were live with animation, each created by different directors telling different stories. The two anonymous musicians played with an energy that mesmerised the audience. The music and cinema blended effortlessly, giving the audience a sensory experience that was very moving and engaging. Original and exciting, Nordic Giants will challenge your idea of a ‘normal’ gig. It was definitely one of the best gigs we have been to. Currently on tour and with a double E.P released at the beginning of October, Nordic Giants are gaining wide recognition and many new fans. I would totally recommend seeing this band live. Thanks to Dan Atkinson for putting on a great line up.


Nordic Giants Website

Nordic Giants Facebook

Gilmore Trail Website

Gilmore Trail Facebook


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